The P01 valves, the first series of OPVs designed and manufactured by Hydpro, have been on the market for over 25 years and have been installed on hundreds of thousands of systems (jackets, buoys, lifting balloons) marketed by a host of different brands in the industry: they are a solid, proven and fully reliable solution.

Security and solidity

The P01 series has a trapezoidal threading, studied to preserve the tightening torque and guarantee high tensile strength.

Increased deflation, responding to new needs
_ UPGRADE 2017

Thanks to the new disk with a profile with alternate sections, we have significantly increased the maximum exhaust capacity. The new system responds to the new requirements of the technical market in the light of the recent regulations, very stringent for certain types of bladder, e.g mono-valves (this feature was first introduced with the new P03 series).

More efficient and reliable
_ UPGRADE 2017

The lodging system for the sealing knot has been completely redesigned.

The new configuration ensures perfect adherence of gasket and disk and prevents any risk of malfunction due to interference between knot and gasket, improving the reliability and efficiency of the system (this feature was first introduced with the new P03 series).
The valves in the P01 series are available in the Classic, Extra, and Elite versions.


All Hydpro valves can be configured with two different overpressure values:

0.18 bar with 1.2 spring
0.25 bar with 1.4 spring


Hydpro gaskets are manufactured in liquid silicone rubber (LSR) to ensure efficient sealing in all conditions and high resistance to wear.

Pull balls

Pull balls can be coloured to order (may be subject to minimum order quantity).
Compatible with all the flanges in the P01 series.
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