Outstanding results,
sustained by research and materials

We are committed to constant innovation. For Hydpro, this is not just a driver of success but the outcome of a strong orientation to research.
We are passionate about finding ever new design solutions, thoroughly testing the more promising ones, translating them into actual products thanks to our manufacturing expertise and knowledge of materials.
_ A special advantage helps us. We have acquired our know-how through over 30 years’ scientific and engineering work by our parent company: Ferplast, a leading player in state-of-the-art plastics, with a specialised competence in technopolymers for use in a marine environment.
We offer scuba equipment users the experience of a dive made in full control, thanks to superior performance, toughness and safety standards.
We offer manufacturers a key to success.
We believe in forging long-term partnerships, made strong by our dedication to uncompromising quality, transparency, a commitment to respond to the specific commercial or technical requirements or each partner company.
_ Our main focus in on designing and manufacturing air management devices, an area in which we are at the forefront on the market.
The same expertise that we bear to fruit in this field also fuels the quality of our other items — such as buckles, backpacks and other accessories — built to the same high standards.
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