Full airflow control

We are highly specialised. This is a crucial ingredient in the mix that has allowed us to reach excellence.
_ We focus our research and manufacturing effort in the area of air management devices: a class of components where the great technical progress Hydpro has achieved can generate a significant improvement of the diving experience.
Full control of airflow is the key that makes it possible for scuba divers to reach neutral buoyancy in the shortest time, and to maintain it effortlessly.
Being able to rely on airflow that can be adjusted gently and precisely is the pivotal factor that enables a totally satisfactory diving experience.
Airflow management is the field to which Hydpro has committed work, time and resources over many years, becoming a global leader in specialised know-how.

Today as before, our R&D department devotes specific attention to this area.

All the air management devices developed by Hydpro’s labs and produced by us boast a high inflation/deflation capacity.
Design, sophisticated ergonomics awareness, solidity, state-of-the-art materials are complementary factors that combine harmoniously to bring about outstanding results.
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