Materials expertise
does not happen by chance.
It is the fruit of experience and commitment

_ In scuba diving, a faultless design is the chief starting point.
However, the high quality of materials is just as important to realize its full potential.
Advanced technopolymers guarantee maximum performance, making it possible to dive with the security of total control.
Divers can focus on what’s around them, without the technical conditions of their dive ever becoming a preoccupation.
Using devices made with the best materials also means counting on solid, durable equipment, which boosts safety: a priceless advantage in deep sea diving.
This is why we manufacture our products with superior-grade technopolymers, rather than the run-of-the-mill plastics that are market standard.
We make the most of a decades-long experience in investigating and manufacturing high-performance materials.
Our research laboratory, our testing stations, our production infrastructure are all links in a compact, dependable chain. The steps that take every item manufactured by Hydpro from the design stage to market are all powered by an uncommon scientific and technological knowledge.
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