The Opv P03 Sharp features an extremely flat profile and a new concept in connection systems. Designed for a distinctly technical/professional use, for bladders intended for use in specific dives (cave or wreck) in which greater encumbrance can interfere with the instrumentation and increase the risk of colliding with protruding elements.


The P03 series has a trapezoidal threading, studied to preserve the tightening torque and guarantee high tensile strength.

Carbon fibres

Using special polymers has allowed us to reduce the profile of the system to a minimum. In particular, thanks to a carbon-fibre-reinforced polymer the size of the gasket seat is more than halved, resulting in an exceptional saving of volume.

More efficient and reliable

The lodging system for the sealing knot has been completely redesigned.

The new configuration ensures perfect adherence of gasket and it’s seat and prevents any risk of malfunction due to interference between knot and gasket, improving the reliability and efficiency of the system.

Low profile, top performance

P03 Sharp is the highest performer in its class.
The system has been redesigned to increase airflow as much as possible. The gasket seat’s new profile with alternate sections and bigger lateral sectors mean more than 20% more exhaust capacity.
The new system responds to the new requirements of the technical market in the light of the recent regulations, very stringent for certain types of bladder, e.g mono-valves.

Anchoring collars patent system

With the Anchoring Collars patent system, we have completely redesigned the system for bladder coupling. The profile of the threaded collars has been minimised and repositioned below the welding level. Overall this has meant a more than 70% decrease in the profile, from 22 mm (0.86 in.) of the P01 system to 5.75 mm (0.22 in.) in the P03 Sharp.


All Hydpro valves can be configured with two different overpressure values:

0.18 bar with 1.2 spring
0.25 bar with 1.4 spring


Hydpro gaskets are manufactured in liquid silicone rubber (LSR) to ensure efficient sealing in all conditions and high resistance to wear.


Pull balls can be coloured to order (may be subject to minimum order quantity).
Compatible with the P03 flange.
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