The D01 Rugged exhaust valve has an innovative activation system with high deflation capacity and total sealing, together with ease of maintenance, solidity and resistance.

Pentagon patent system

The Pentagon patent system is a totally new concept for the exhaust mechanism, which has been improved and optimised in several key aspects.

Outstanding exhaust capacity

In a situation of danger (free-flow, uncontrolled ascent), a good deflation capacity can make a real difference in terms of reactivity and safety.
For this reason we have given the Exhaust D01 Rugged valve an outstanding exhaust capacity.
Thanks to the Pentagon patent system, the sealing membrane’s surface is considerably wider. The airflow passage is increased, resulting in an exhaust capacity that’s up to 4 times as much as our competitors’ products.

Easy maintenance supports top performance

Traditional valves are built based on a complex conception, which makes disassembling them and carrying out maintenance routines very complicated, if not impossible.
When a component is worn out or other problems arise, most operators/manufacturers choose to replace the valve altogether.

We at Hydpro believe that proper maintenance practices are key in order to ensure steady performance and high safety standards in the long term.

For this reason, our D01 Rugged has an effective bayonet-mount system that makes disassembly simpler, granting easy access for cleaning or maintenance. 

Anti-leakage technology

In traditional systems, when activation of manual exhaust lasts longer than necessary it can lead to water leaking into the valve. In such a situation, the water can leak through the sealing membrane and create an annoying area of wetness.
Thanks to the Pentagon patent system, the Exhaust D01 Rugged valve seals itself automatically as soon as the residual pressure drops to zero. The bigger size of the non-return membrane prevents any kind of water leakage, ensuring full protection from micro-leakages under any conditions.

A wide range for adjustment

Thanks to the Pentagon sealing system’s full efficiency, we have been able to implement a wide pressure-adjustment range. The automated overpressure system goes from 40 mbars (the highest value allowed by regulations) to a total emptying of the system (0 mbar residual pressure).
This feature can turn out to be of crucial importance in situations where a configuration with the smallest encumbrance is needed, such as technical diving in caves or wrecks.


In the Hydpro laboratories, our valves undergo a full set of checks and product tests.
This means 181 highly demanding tests, measuring the products’ mechanic and physical functionality and their resistance to environmental conditions.
For more info, please see the page with details about the tests we carry out.
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